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Lumbee River

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Who are the Lumbee?
With 50,000+ members, the Lumbee Tribe is the largest Indian tribe east of the Mississippi River. In NC, the Lumbee Tribe territory consists of Robeson, Hoke, Cumberland, and Scotland counties. However, Lumbees are located all over the state of NC and the United States.

The ancestors of the Lumbee are mainly Cheraw and related Siouan-speaking Indians who have lived in the area of what is now Robeson County since the 1700s.

The Lumbees have been recognized by the state of NC since 1885. In 1956, the United State Congress passed the Lumbee Act which recognized the Lumbee as Indian, but failed to provide the services entitled to federally recognized tribes. The Lumbees are still fighting for full recognition and the benefits provided to federally recognized tribes.

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To learn more about the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, visit www.lumbeetribe.com.